NSEV Healing and Acupuncture

Acupuncture and TCM are well established and well known modalities practiced for thousands of years. Their premise is that Energy, or Qi, flows along certain pathways in the body. Sometimes the energy is blocked, deficient, excessive or unbalanced. Acupuncture restores the balance, thus encouraging healing. There are several modern science theories that attempt to explain the benefits of treatment, while benefits in many medical conditions were proven in clinical studies. The treatments are done with acupuncture needles, pumping cords or tuning forks applied to acupuncture points.

NSEV (Non-somatic Extraordinary Vessel) Healing & Acupuncture is a philosophy of health, and a method of treating and preventing disease, and is deeply rooted in Ancient and Traditional Chinese Medicine that is integrative in its nature. It is a modern adaptation of an ancient Chinese medicine and acupuncture healing system that addresses a person’s core patterns of functioning, in addition to their presenting symptoms, to alleviate pain, both physical and emotional, and achieve optimum wellness. The ultimate goal of NSEV Healing is to create a healthy balance among these internal functioning patterns, as well as overall harmony in the way a person interacts with the world around them.

Fee: $250 for the first appointment if a new patient (first appointment will include brief medical assessment as well). Established patient visits are $100-$150 depending on treatment done. Six sessions are usually recommended to assess clinical response. Packages are available.