Why We Do Not Accept Insurance

  • Many people who have contacted our office for services have asked us why we do not bill insurance directly when other medical providers do. We fully understand the financial challenge this presents to some patients, and we wish there were a way for us to bill your insurance company. Unfortunately, at this time, there is not.

  • Insurance companies are more focused on the conventional model of health that too often relies on drugs and surgery as opposed to preventative and wellness services. When clinics bill health insurance companies directly, the doctors must sign a contract that allows the insurance company to determine which services they will and will not provide and how much they can charge for those services. A participating provider must agree to accept the fees the insurance company establishes.

  • Most doctors and clinics cope with the requirements and costs of being participating providers by keeping their office visits very brief, so that they can see many patients within a given time frame. Unfortunately, we have found that we cannot be “within network” and provide time-intensive, well-researched and expert care as described above.