Comprehensive Integrative and Functional Medicine Consultation

Dr. Natalie is one of the first medical doctors in the country to achieve Integrative Medicine Board Certification from the American Board of Integrated Medicine, as part of its Inaugural Class of Specialists.

The Initial Integrative Medicine Consultation lasts up to 75 minutes and encourages patients to tell their story and share their personal goals. Doctor reviews in detail past medical history, current lifestyle including diet and exercise, supplement and medication regimen and past test results if there are any, and performs physical exam. Plan of action, initial recommendations and referrals are given at the initial consultation. After the visit our laboratory coordinator sends instructions for diagnostic testing if such is ordered. This may include: blood, urine, saliva, analysis, functional testing such as nutritional status, comprehensive stool analysis, hormonal and inflammatory markers, genetic mutations (SNPs) and others as indicated. Most blood tests can be done through Quest and are usually covered by insurance. Some specialty and functional tests that are considered “wellness tests” are not covered by insurance and are charged as a separate fee. Imaging including X Rays, CT scans, ultrasound, mammography, bone density and others can be done at facilities in Miami Beach or as per patient’s choice. These are normally also covered by insurance.

Initial Consultation fee is $485 (includes telemedicine consultation and physical exam).

The Integrative Follow up Visit lasts 45 min and consists of discussing results and going over recommendations. It is usually scheduled 3 weeks after the initial visit. Educational and empowering framework from which a patient can make his or her own decision is provided based on the patient’s level of knowledge, goals and current life situation. A treatment approach normally includes diet and exercise recommendations, prescription of high quality supplements and botanicals as well as pharmaceuticals if indicated. Relevant mind-body techniques are addressed and in many cases Traditional Chinese Medicine approach/acupuncture is recommended. The frequency of subsequent follow-ups is very much dependent on the case, but usually it is scheduled 1-3 months afterwards.

Integrative follow up fees are $350 (60 minutes) and $200 (30 minutes) and are by Telemedicine.

Home visits available as well